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Why You’re Swinging Over The Top + Cure (Turn The Handle)…

Do you suffer from the over the top swing problem?

And do you often come down too steep on the ball, cutting across it…which
is commonly referred to as swinging out-to-in.

You’ll know if you do because you’ll often get a shot that starts left of
your target and then curves to the right (for right hander). Or a slice
in other words! 🙂

The reason this happens is because you’re missing a huge piece of the golf
swing puzzle in the transition of your golf swing.

Now there’s a lot you can do at setup and to start the swing to help cure
this problem. But coming over the top and coming down too steep will be a
well ingrained habit for you.

And the critical part of the golf swing that largely dictates what happens with
the swing plane on the downswing, is the transition from your backswing into your

And there’s a key part of this transition that will cause golfers either to swing
down from the inside or swing down over the top. The key part I’m talking about
is what happens with the hands.

Now you may think that the hands simply go along for the ride in the transition.
But if you look at two great ball strikers in the transition:

1. Ben Hogan, and

2. Nick Price



…you can easily see that they actually turn their hands in the transition to get
the club to flatten on the downswing.

This move is called turning the handle because it’s like you’re turning the handle
to open up a door.

This move can’t fully be explained in an email like this because it requires a number of
pictures and video.

But you can learn this move along with the best drill to groove it, in the new
Pro Draw System that you can get on special here.


The Pro Draw System is finally going to help you hit shots that look professional
in there shot shape.

To do that this program has a well laid out 17 day plan for you. You simply do what it
say’s in the Pro Draw System and by the end of the program you WILL be hitting the ball longer
and more consistently… with a draw… just like Rory McIlroy does.

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Golf is going to be more fun for you when you do that… and just imagine the looks
on your playing partners faces when yo u hit your shots consistently with a pro draw.

Have a great rest of the week.



Golf Doctor

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