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Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

The cast urethane cover of the VICE Pro Plus performance golf ball is around half the thickness that is typically used in distance golf balls. The result is a superbly smooth and consistent feel around the greens. Despite the thin cover, the VICE Pro Plus is exceptionally durable when compared to other urethane balls. This is a ball that offers ultimate control, high spin on short shots, soft feel, and the ability to stop dead what we call &liquor; S2TG: Stick to the Green. Conventional cast urethane golf balls are often susceptible to rapid yellowing due to a chemical reaction with sunlight. Our engineers have slowed this process significantly using a special formula in the final urethane coating. This ensures a pearly white ball that will stay that way for many rounds. This also helps you track the ball in flight and helps you to find it should you stray off the fairway.Optimized for even longer distance
Lower Ball flight trajectory
Excellent green grabbing control
4-piece, 336 dimple design

Price: $34.99
(as of Aug 25,2019 13:18:05 UTC – Details)

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