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Tiger out drove Bubba by 20 yards doing this …

Sorry to burst you’re bubble… but you’re not getting any younger.

And as most golfers get older they gradually lose distance.  But there’s something simple you can do to gain yards. To explain what it is, here’s a story that highlights this.

A few years ago now, Tiger was playing with Bubba and he outdrove Bubba by 20 yards. After the round a reporter asked Tiger about this and here’s what Tiger said…

“The tee shot on 16, it’s obviously easier for me to hit the ball further

because I’m turning it and I’m working it with some kind of top spin, a little draw.

And I hammered it out there, but Bubba’s playing a big cut. He teed off in the middle of the tee box. He didn’t go to the right and hit a straight ball slice or straight ball/cut. He went to the middle part of the tee box and shaped it more. So he burned a little bit of distance off of that, and just tried to get the ball in play.”

Whether you like Tiger or not… there it is… straight from a golfing legend.

Draws typically have a more penetrating ball flight and go further than a fade or straight ball.

Since you aren’t Bubba Watson, you probably don’t want to sacrifice 20 yards off of your tee shots, which is why you need to master hitting a draw with your driver.

And to help you do this The Pro Draw System was created. And to launch this 17 day step-by-step program you can now get it special.  But it’s only on special for a limited time.


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