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The Secret To Longer Golf Drives

Every golfer wants to know how to hit longer golf drives. And although it can seem quite complicated it’s actually very, very simple to do it.

You see, if you want to hit longer drives you simply need to increase your swing speed.

As an example…if you swing at 90 mph currently you can do all the mechanical changes you want to your swing to try and gain yards. But the fact will remain that you’ll be limited by your swing speed.

But did you know that for every 1 mph you increase your swing speed you’ll gain 2.2 yards in distance?

So if you increase your swing speed by 10 mph you’ll gain 22 yards in distance. If you improve by 15 mph you will gain 33 yards in distance. If you gain 20 mph in swing speed you’ll gain 44 yards in distance.

But 20 mph increase in swing speed is crazy talk. No one would ever believe you could increase your swing speed by that much, would they?


I’ve just discovered a guy that has recently gained 44.3 yards of distance in just 56 days. His swing speed went from 93.8 mph up to 114 mph!

He’s even got video proof of this. You can go here now to see it.


The thing I like best about this Golf Swing Speed Challenge is you don’t need a lot of time to do it. 30 minutes a day max is all you need to add yards and yards to your drives. Plus you can do it all at home, no special equipment required.

Another great thing that I like about this program is that everyone who has completed it has improved their golf swing speed and are hitting the ball further.

These test results are from golfers all over the world too.

So go here to take The Golf Swing Speed Challenge now to see how much distance you can pick up.


Your Golf Master 🙂

P.S. It doesn’t matter what age you are, this program can help you to hit longer drives. Just take things slowly and try and improve and I’m sure you’ll get great results. Just check it out here and put it to the test…



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