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Power Tips – Boom Your Drives!!

Power Tips – Boom your drives.

For many, if not all golfers, one of the main requests to their golf professionals is how they can increase the distance that they hit their drives.

This is a question that, depending on the individual golfer, can be answered in many ways. For me there are only a few keys to increasing the distance you can get the “big dog” flying.

Some of the tips may seem relatively simple, but simple is best in my book. Some tips may seem like I am just citing common sense as a way to improve your drives, but often the easiest and most simple changes produce the best results.

TIP 1 – Rhythm
For those of you that believe that the speed in which you swing the club dictates the distance you will hit the ball, I am here to dispel that myth.

Rhythm is something that all professionals golfers share. It is also one of the contributing factors when it comes to increasing your distance. After all, we all know that trying to “kill” the golf ball doesn´t work. Rhythm is the gentle build up of power, allowing you time to hit the golf ball. If you can store energy in the shaft of the club and release it correctly at the moment of impact you will see an increase in the distance that you it the ball.

Example: The sensational distance that you hit that one easy, flowing drive, seemingly without effort.

TIP 2 – Tee it Up

The modern day drivers have large deep faces, with the COG moved back and lower within the club head. This means that the sweet spot also gets relocated. It is not in the dead center of the club face as many manufacturers and professionals advertise. In fact the modern day drivers have their sweet spot positioned high up on the club face, so tee your ball up high and see it fly.

TIP 3 – Shorten your swing

Many golfers try in vain to get the club parallel to the ground at the top of the backswing, but this actually causes more problems than it is worth. For those that can not rotate fully to achieve this position, attempting to get there by making a secondary movement with the arms or wrists is disastrous. I firmly believe that if you can only rotate a certain distance then that is where the club should stop moving in the backswing. Why? Because a break down of the wrist angle, or the bending of the left arm creates a huge loss in power.

The effort used in returning the club back on plane or back into position eats away at the energy stored within the shaft. This results in the “whip” or “kick” of the shaft happening too early in the downswing. You want the shaft to deliver all the stored energy to the ball at the moment of impact.
Shortening your swing will aid you in your quest for more distance, whilst also improving your accuracy.

Until Next Time,

The Golf Swing Doctor

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