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Play Better Golf – Simple Ways To Improve Quickly

Hello Golfers,

One of the problems that many of us face as amateur golfers is the time or lack of it, which we can dedicate to practice.

It is my job as a golf coach to try and find ways to help my clients and those that read my articles.

For this reason one of the things that I must dedicate some of my time to is the search for new methods that I can give to clients to not only to make the best use of their practice time, but to make that practice time more efficient.

This has always posed problems for me and my clients. If they do not practice then there is not much point in them returning for another lesson. Now, for many golf professionals this does not seem to be an issue, as I have often had the response that previous golf coaches have not made it obligatory to practice.

Now I can not understand why a golf coach would not expect nor require their clients to practice during the time between lessons. For me it is as much about given the client value for money as it is about not having to waste my time repeating something that I said in the previous lesson.

I do not want my clients leaving a lesson feeling as though they have not learnt something new from each one. If I have to continually repeat the same thing over and over again, the client is going to get bored and more than likely not return for many more lessons.


So if you have very little time to practice at a practice ground then there is still hope. I can guarantee that using my methods of practicing can and will improve your golf game.

One of the things that I ask my clients to do is to make the most of their time. This may seem an obvious statement; however it amazes me at how many people tell me they have no time to do anything, whether it is due to work or family commitments. I always ask them if they have 3 or 4 minutes throughout the entire day to be able to dedicate to practicing their techniques.

This is how I can guarantee that a client at least does some practice between lessons.
Practicing in the few minutes you have each day will improve your game massively. Yes I know you are probably thinking that practicing without golf balls can´t possibly help your game but it does, for two reasons.

Reason 1 – You are focused solely on making the correct movement or practicing the change that we put into place. Meaning that you and I know that you are practicing correctly.

Reason 2 – You are only going to be focusing on getting it right, meaning that you will be building confidence and feel into the new swing. You have no fear or pressure when doing the exercises at home because you have no “feedback” from the ball that can damage the process of building confidence and the feel of the new swing into your game.

There is no simpler way to improve your game than by practicing at home, just a few minutes a day will make a world of difference.
What can you practice at home to make a quick and easy improvement?
Well the list is huge, but you may want to try these to begin with:

 Creating the perfect posture every time
 Improving your golf grip
 Improving your take away
 Improving your balance
 Straightening out your putting stroke
 Polishing your mental approach

Each of the practice areas I have mentioned in the list above are vital to improving your game, and all can be done in very short time slots and more importantly without a ball.

Until Next Time,

The Golf Swing Doctor

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