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I Continue To Learn

I think that one of the most interesting things that I have learnt in the last few days has to be the connection to which some people need to understand the simplest of moves in the golf swing.

It is something that I knew was a massive part of my teaching and something that I try to get my clients to do on a regular basis.

The problem comes when the client has a “mental block” that doesn´t allow them to find that connection with the required move.

It is here that I learnt my “thing” for the day.

I had a client who, through a lack of understanding of the English language and the technique required in the golf swing, was struggling to grasp the idea of the swing that we were trying to achieve.

I had tried to use the techniques that I would generally use in the circumstances, yet nothing seemed to be working.

Then by chance we stumbled across the “key” for my client to understand, we reversed the swing.

We began to make the swings in reverse, with the focus being on feeling how the swing should feel from back to front. Now I know that you may say that this is something that as golf coaches we already use, but I was actually having the client hit balls with the swing in reverse.

I should be clear here that the technique we were working on was chipping and it was my clients first lesson.

Going back to the lesson that I learnt, we began to start the making the correct motion of the “perfect” chipping stroke in reverse, placing the hands in the finish position to begin with, so that the client could feel the difference between what they were doing and what was correct.

As I moved the club in the reverse motion of the action, my client commented on how different the movement felt, how clear it was to them the position that the wrists had to remain in throughout the stroke to achieve the desired contact.

It was as my client said the “eureka” moment that they required to understand and reproduce the desired movement.

What was even more impressive for me, was the immediate effect it had on the way that my client was moving the club.

The results that the client was getting were superb, it was a total change.

The lesson for me was that, as I have believed for a long time, there is absolutely nothing in golf that is set in stone. I was guilty of not thinking outside of the box and the need to do so when coaching such an array of nationalities and abilities is something that I must do as often as possible, whilst mixing this with my current strategies and techniques.

So although you may be with a golf coach that is traditional in their methods, please do not hesitate to suggest something that may be considered slightly odd or strange. Remember that it is you, as the client that should be in control of the way that you learn.

Until Next Time,

The Golf Swing Doctor

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