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How To Play Golf Like You Practice

Imagine playing golf like you practice…

Brushing in 3 foot putts without a care in the world.

Crushing drive after drive without steering your swing.

Hitting your irons crisply without concern for hitting them
fat or thin.

Pitching and chipping without worrying about duffing it.

What’s the secret to doing that?

Well, it’s not giving yourself a good talking to!

Because you can tell yourself to you’re blue in the face to just
treat your games like practice. I’m sure you’ve done that a
million times, and… it doesn’t work!

Or you can do the…”I don’t really care about this shot”… type
of thing.

And that works great, until you start to notice that you’re
scoring really well – then you start to care about your score,
and BANG you post some big numbers.

Instead, what you need to do so you play golf like you practice,
is to find a proven program that will teach you EXACTLY what
steps you need to take so you can play golf like you practice.

That’s what Jeff Richmond’s Mental Golf Mastery program will do for
you. And it’s on special right now, plus you can get it with 6 great
golf improvement bonuses thrown in as well.

To find out more about this special simply go here.

If you have any concerns that your mental game is costing
you shots, then get this program now… while it’s still on

It will only improve your golf game. And if you get it now
you can start to put it into practice before the weekend. Go
here to start improving your mental game now…




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