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Your golf grips are the only contact that you have with the golf club and play a major role in how you play the game.

Having the correct grips for you is a massive confidence boost and could help you iron out flaws within your game.

YES, that is right, if your golf grips are poorly fitted, the wrong thickness or worn out they could be causing your bad shots.


If your grips are old and worn out you will no doubt be hanging onto the club for dear life. This will introduce unwanted and unnecessary tension into your golf swing. Tension within the golf swing can create a host of problems, from a slice to hook, a thin to a shank.

Worn out golf grips can also cause an early or excessive release of the golf club; as the grips become too thin.


If you have a golf grip that is too thick or oversized for your hands you may also struggle to control where the golf ball goes.

For many of you with oversized grips you will notice a constant struggle fighting shots that end up to the right of the target. (Push, slice/push slice)


Undersized golf grips could be the cause for many of your shots that end up to the left of the target. (Pull/hook/pull hook)

The material of the golf grip can also make a difference to the confidence that you feel when you grip the golf club.

For some of you that may suffer from arthritis a specially designed golf grip with dimples may be of benefit to you, as would a thicker grip.

You should also consider what climate you play in, this will determine whether you need to consider having grips that perform better in humid conditions.

If you want to check the size of your grips a good club fitter should be able to suggest what size grips you need, but as with everything you must also be comfortable with the recommendations that the club fitter gives you.

Many people ask how often they should change their grips and my response is always the same, at least once a year. This is because if you play a lot your grips will be full of grease, unless you wash them regularly with a little warm water and washing up liquid.

If you do not play that often you will still need to change them on a yearly basis ass being stored in a shed or a garage exposes the grips to large temperature changes and humidity. This will increase the speed at which they decay and you will probably notice that they are quite brittle.

Golf grips are not expensive and can make a huge difference to your game and the time that your golf clubs stay in top condition.

So check out your golf grips and see whether they need to be subject to a little TLC.

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