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Golf Tees

One of the most under-rated pieces of golf equipment is the humble golf tee.

Although nothing special, the golf tee is a golfers best friend, I mean if it wasn´t for the golf tee we would not be able to hit the driver, repair pitch marks or clean out our grooves.

It is a universal tool for the golfer.

The golf tee however has a much bigger part to play in your game and yet may golfers seem to ignore the importance that it holds.

I want to take you to a time a few year ago now where drivers where the size of the modern day 3 wood, when the ball wasn´t dwarfed by the driver head, in those days the tee played a lesser part in the art of hitting the long drives straight own the middle of the fairway.

With the advancement in the design of drivers, the tee is beginning to play a huge part in how far and how well you can hit your driver.

I have long been telling my clients that they should look to increase the height of the tee that they are using with their modern drivers.

The technology behind the driver has changed and the manufacturers are focussing more on the need for a higher launch angle with less spin to increase the drives that we are hitting.

How we place the ball on the tee is also helping to improve the distance and consistency from the tee box.

If you are struggling to get your drives flying high down the fairway you really need to consider altering the height of your tee. If you raise the tee so that at least half the ball is above the top edge of your driver you will see a massive difference in how the driver performs.

On the subject of golf tees I strongly advise that you bin the castle tees that fill the pockets of many a golf bag. They do not allow you the opportunity to alter the height of your tee, something that you need to look towards doing in the near future.

Modern drivers are designed to hit the ball higher, but in windy conditions altering the height of your tee is key to maintaining a solid drive in the toughest of conditions.

On every single hole you should be placing a tee in the ground, not just with the woods, but all clubs.

On a par three where an iron is called for, peg the ball up so that you can guarantee a perfect lie. However do not make one of the most common mistakes that I see when teeing up an iron, you want the ball to sit just above the level of the grass. Any higher and you will be inviting a weak shot, high off the face of the iron.

Remember the tee is to provide you with the best lie, it is not to make the shot “easier”.

Pay attention to how you use the most under-rated piece of equipment in your golf bag.

Until Next Time,

The Golf Swing Doctor

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