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Choosing the right golf school for your kids is one of the hardest choices for a parent to make when first introducing their children to the wonderful sport of golf.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see from parents who are looking to introduce their children in to golf is the perception that a child, especially a young child, can concentrate for a long period of time.

Booking your child in for their first lesson and expecting them to be able to complete an hour long lesson is almost certainly too much, unless your child is determined enough to see it through.

If it is only to try to see whether they will get involved and want to continue playing then half an hour is more than enough to get them hooked on the game, as long as the professional is dedicated and excited about the game of golf.

Many parents will book their children into a series of individual lessons, which is also another mistake, as many children will not take to the game as easily or willingly as other children, I strongly recommend that you never book a series of individual lessons from the outset, for various reasons, some of which I have touched upon already.

For me I feel that it is hugely important that you introduce your children to golf through a golf school or specialised children’s group so that they can experience the social side of the game before learning and experiencing the individuality of the sport.

As a parent it is also important to try and find a golf school that offers more than just lessons. You need to give your child the opportunity to get out on to the golf course, even if it just to walk around and watch the professional or the other juniors take a few shots on the golf course.

It is more than worth your while to study the local golf schools and ask other parents what their opinions are of the way the school is run, the relationship the professional has with the children and also the activities that they do throughout the course of the golf school.

A good golf school will be more than willing to allow your child to take a trial lesson with one of the groups, if they are not then I would look elsewhere as the school should be encouraging and looking to attract new juniors to the game, and an unwillingness to allow a junior to try a class before committing themselves to that class is a sure sign that their intentions are not with the juniors of the school.

The final thing of note that I wish to mention is working in unison with your child. You need to talk with your child and if they have an issue with the class, one of the teachers or then you need to open to talk about it.

One of the things I pride myself on with the golf school that I run at my club is my openness and approachability to both the parents and the juniors that take part.

I have always been open to suggestions of how I can improve my own coaching and approach to the teaching of the game of golf.

It is an integral part of running a golf school and if you or your child has an issue that you would like to discuss then the professional should be more than willing to make themselves available to have a chat.

A child should never feel pressurized or forced into attending the golf school and if they don´t feel like going one week don’t push them, simply accept it, let the professional know that they will not be able to make it this week and carry on when the child has the desire to attend.

Remember that golf is a game and games are played to be enjoyed. They are played because we want to play them and they are rewarding in their own way, and those rewards are different to each child. If a child wants to practice and improve then take them down the range outside of the school hours, if they are happy to attend the golf school for social reasons that is also fine.

What I hate to see is a child that obviously does not want to be there.

So make sure that your child is the boss and let them make the ultimate decision, as parents we have to support and guide them.

Until Next time,

The Golf Swing Doctor

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