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Golf Glove

I have often been asked when and with what shots should you wear a golf glove.

This is a question that has a few answers, but I am going to give you the answer that i feel you should consider the most.

A golf glove is principally used to help the golfer maintain friction and grip with the golf club.

The material use in the construction, and the construction of the glove, can make a difference to how the glove feels and performs.

But when should you be wearing your golf glove?

I believe that you should wear your glove for all shots played more than 40 meters from the green. This will give you better grip and control over the club, which when you are swinging at 70 – 90 miles per hour is extremely beneficial.

However you need to be aware that a golf glove will reduce the feedback that you receive from the golf club about how you struck the golf ball. Therefore I highly recommend that you remove your golf glove for shots close to the green.

To increase your feel, your touch around the green you need to have your skin touching the golf club. You need to be able to feel each and every vibration as it travels up the shaft and into your hands. This is how you will improve your short game.

If when chipping, you prefer to keep your glove on, that is fine. But I plead with you, when you are putting your glove should be off.

As you are strolling down the fairway from one shot to the next, take your glove off.

There are many reasons for this, some of which I am going to explain now.

1 – Keep yourself fresh. Taking off your glove will stop your hand getting overly clammy. You will feel more comfortable and your glove will last a lot longer.

2 – In the rain take your glove off after each shot. Keep it underneath your umbrella to stop it getting wet and slimy.

Store your glove in your back pocket, unless it is raining, this will prolong the life of the glove, whilst keeping it out of the way.

I know you probably think that this is strange content for an article, but trust me. Increasing your feel is of massive importance to improving your golf game, not only around the greens but the long game as well.

Taking off your glove around the green will improve your short game.

Until Next Time,

The Golf Swing Doctor


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