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Golf Balls

Golf balls

There are thousands of golf balls, all with slightly different properties.

Some people prefer a soft ball, others prefer a harder ball and some don´t really care which ball they use. But is the golf ball really a game changer?

The simple answer is yes, without a doubt. Using a golf ball that would suit your feel or your swing will help you to reduce your scores.

So what are the main differences between golf balls?

Pieces – Golf balls will come constructed in 2, 3, 4 and 5 piece. This means the number of layers a golf ball has. In general terms a golf ball with more layers will be softer and more controllable, a two piece construction will be harder and les controllable.

Cover – The cover of a golf ball can also make a difference the way it reacts; softer covers will allow manufacturers to make the center harder, whilst maintaining a soft feel and control.

Dimple patterns – The design, layout and shape of the dimples will affect the aero-dynamics of the golf ball resulting in higher or lower ball flight, higher r lower spin rates.

Compression – Golf balls can also come in different compressions, again affecting the hardness of the golf ball.

Choosing your golf ball.

The choice of ball will be dependant on many factors, with the main one being the players comfort. A player has to like the feel of the golf ball and decide on whether they would rather sacrifice distance for control or vice versa.

As a general rule, a harder ball, sometimes referred to as distance balls tend to more durable and travel further, with lower spin rates making them easier to control, due to the reduction in side spin. However they are also harder to stop, as they are designed not to spin, both sideways and backwards.

A softer ball will be more controllable and are aimed at low handicappers. However the ball will tend to spin more, making a clean and true contact a must to avoid excess sidespin on the ball.

So should a high handicapper use a hard ball by default? No not at all. All golfers should choose the golf balls based on their strengths. If they are particular good around the green then they should opt for a softer ball. Perhaps a ball that falls between a hard and tour specification ball would be a good choice.

The low handicap golfer who struggles for distance may want to consider using a slightly harder ball to try and gain a few yards off the tee. Choosing a distance ball with a soft cover will give them the best of both worlds.

One thing that I do encourage my clients to do is to test a few balls and stick with the one that feels best and gives the best results. Once you have chosen your ball, stick with it. Try to always use the same make and model, regardless of the type of round you are playing.

Being consistent with your ball will help you gain feel around the greens and possibly see better results in your putting stats.

So ditch the lake balls and buy yourself new balls, the extra expenditure will be minimal but the effects on your game could be massive.

Until Next Time,

The Golf Swing Doctor

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