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Golf At X-Mas

This may seem like a strange article to write, but as always I base my articles on past queries and questions from clients and their families.

We are nearing Christmas and many golfing widows and widowers are wondering what to buy for their partners.

I cannot remember the huge number of people that contact me asking for advice regarding golf related presents for their loved ones.

Although buying golf products as presents sounds relatively simple, you really have to make sure you are getting something that the golfer actually wants and requires.

There is nothing worse for a golf fanatic to receive a present which is not to their liking, or a make and model of golf club that is not in keeping with their current set.

From golf balls to golf gloves and golf tees to golf clubs each golfer will have their own individual preferences for each and every single item within their golf bag.

So if you are considering purchasing golf equipment for an avid golfer make sure that you have a little sneaky peak in their golf bag before deciding on what to buy, if you can´t then try and have a word with their regular playing partners so that you can get the heads up before heading down to the golf superstore to make your purchases.

Golf clubs are not the best present and although they are perhaps the most well received, I always tell those that are asking for advice to think carefully before buying golf clubs as a Christmas present as unless you know exactly what the person requires you are treading on dangerous ground.

If a friend or colleague is asking for advice regarding purchasing clubs for a child or grandchild, I stress that they should measure the height of the child and ensure that the set of clubs or club that is purchased is suitable for the height of the child rather than the age of the child.

This is extremely important as the size of the golf club is more important than the age of the child. If you buy a club that is too short the child will struggle to achieve the correct posture. A club that is too long will create the same problem but will also result in the club being too heavy. A club that is too heavy will cause many problems for junior golfers, so please make sure that you purchase the right size of golf clubs for your future star to ensure that you give them the best start.

Now back to the adult golfer in your life, a superb idea for the perfect gift for Christmas. A hamper, full of goodies that can fill up the empty bags of your loved one.

I have just done a huge hamper for my father, who is an avid golfer with a handicap of 17, now as a professional I have a good understanding of my father´s game, but even I avoided filling the hamper with objects that I was unsure he would appreciate.

So the hamper was filled with wooden tees that are a staple in every golfers bag, I bought 50 tees in three different sizes. I bought his favourite golf glove, in his size which I checked before purchasing. A sleeve of golf balls, again the make and model that he uses when he plays and a few other bits to bulk it out, a golf towel, a new golf cap and a few of his favourite on course snacks.

All wrapped up and placed in a range basket, this has to be one of the best looking and economical presents that you could give to the golfer in your life.

Until Next Time,

The Golf Swing Doctor

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