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Follow Through

I was watching a few videos on Youtube the other, when I stumbled across a instructional video to which I took a dislike to.

Now the reason for my dislike was the way that things were explained, and how the coaches seemed to be implying that golfers were incapable of understanding the ins and outs of the golf swing. It was as if they had a desire to turn people away from their videos.

I scrolled down the comments to view what other people had thought and some of the comments surprised me. But it was one particular comment that really got me thinking and in fact it caused a discussion between my partner and myself regarding the golf swing.

Now my partner is not a golfer, she is a definite beginner, but she helps me to turn some of the more technical aspects of the golf swing into more easily understandable and transmittable advice for golfers.

The comment related to the follow through and how this particular golfer and his professional considered the follow through to be a redundant and almost unnecessary part of the golf swing.

I considered this to be totally inaccurate, but my partner seemed to draw connections to the comment and so the discussion began.

She said, as the comment, that once the ball had been hit there was nothing more she could do to affect it, which to her meant that the follow through was nothing more than a chance to pose whilst admiring your shot as it flies down the fairway.

I am not a believer of this thought process and had to explain to my partner the importance of having a full and solid follow through, which by the way begins immediately as you strike the golf ball.

The follow through is similar to the 100 meter sprinter running through the line, which they have to do to ensure that they are running at top speed as they cross the line. This is what I class as momentum, it is simply the movement of the body and golf club as it travels past the point of impact, the more freely you can swing the club, the further your follow through will travel.

“But why is it important to be in balance as you profess?” My partner asked, well to be honest this was a valid question based on the fact that she believed that the act of hitting the golf ball so she could no longer affect the outcome.

However, this is where many golfers make the mistake. The final position which you reach in the golf swing can tell me, as a golf coach, a huge amount about your golf swing and where you are making your errors.

If you have a follow through which is unbalanced, then you would have lost that balance at some point before impact, which will ultimately have an effect on how the ball will travel, but if you stop almost immediately after the ball, it is very difficult to determine what errors are present within the swing because the follow through position is not a true reflection of how your body is moving.

I believe this because many golfers that I ask to allow the body to freely follow through, end up turning and rotating further into a fuller follow through and finish position than they would normally do when they try to stop the swing after impact.

Almost all comment on how much easier the swing is, and more comment on how much further and straighter the ball goes.

So I would consider the follow through to be a major technical factor to the golf swing and should be at the top of every struggling golfers to do list.

Until Next Time,

The Golf Swing Doctor

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