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Dealing With Disappointment

As golfers of any level will have experienced, the game of golf doesn´t always go your way, regardless of how methodically and professionally you prepare for it

One of the biggest obstacles that we face is how we can pick ourselves back up and try again.

This of course, is something that we do over and over again, once we have the golf bug it never really dies, it is always there niggling us to get back onto the golf course at the earliest possible moment.

Because of this dealing with the disappointment of a bad round or a missed putt to win the club championship is something that we have to learn to overcome.

This can be easy, in the first instance, I mean if you play badly one day, then you can probably get over it pretty quickly, just simply by having a few drinks with mates or a meal out with the wife.

When you arrive the following weekend to play you have forgotten about last weeks disappointment, well at least until things start to go wrong again, or your playing partner mentions that he needs you to help him out in this weeks match.

Golf as a game has a way of being able to bring us all back down to earth or start pulling our hair out. Learning to deal with this will ultimately be the challenge that we all face, regardless of the level we play at.

I feel it is important to note, that as golfers we need to always be pro-active in the way that we think, the way that we respond to adversity. We always need to stay in the moment, the present. This is obviously far easier said than done and it takes time to work on this.

But bear this in mind, if you have one bad round, forget about it. Put it down to bad weather conditions, an argument with the wife, work stresses, anything but do not for one minute think it is down to your inability to play the game. After all we do things in everyday life, that for one reason or another we do badly just for a moment. Something that we think nothing more or, we do not question our ability to do this task in the future.

(A great example of this is walking down the street and tripping over a raised slab, we do not then question our ability to put one foot in front of the other every time we walk down the same street.)

If you have two consecutive bad rounds then get yourself down to the driving range and have a practice session, getting the feel back for your swing. Take your time hitting the balls, and ensure that you spend the majority of the practice time working on your rhythm, as this is normally the cause for a loss of form.
However if you suffer with a couple of weeks of lost form, then you should begin to worry. You should look to have a lesson with your pro to check your technique to see if there is anything that has crept in to your golf game.

I also highly recommend the importance of taking a break from the golf course whilst you are trying to resolve your issues. If you do not take this break from playing you are more than likely going to fall into the trap of over thinking what you are doing, analyzing each and every shot. (good or bad) This will only compound the lack of confidence that you have in your abilities and make the situation far worse.

If you are a single figure golfer looking to challenge on a regional or national stage, then seeking the help of a psychologist who will help you to banish the demons of the struggle that you have been through.

There is no embarrassment in seeking help when you need it the most; in fact it is a sign of your strength and desire to reach the other side of the struggle.

Until Next Time,

The Golf Swing Doctor.

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