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Correctly Analyze Your Game

Many of my clients arrive believing the need to improve a certain aspect of their games to reach their goals.

However this belief is often miss-placed due to a miss interpretation of their games. Listening to their peers, reading magazines and more often than not, watching too much golf on the TV.

Now I am not saying for one minute that you should not watch golf on TV or pick up your favourite golf magazine. What I am saying is that you need to correctly analyse your game correctly without any distractions or opinions of others being taken in to account.

When a client comes to me requesting we work on a single area of their game in order to improve I always ask a series of questions. These questions are worded so that I do not dismiss the players concerns. Instead I word them so that the player can honestly and openly talk about their games, from tee to green, locker room to course, couch to driving range.

The first question is always this:

How many times do you 3 putt per round?

This normally shocks my client, especially when they are asking about how to “cure” a slice or add meters to their drives.

They seem to wonder why I would question them on their games, as if I am opening up a can of worms that they don´t wish to be opened.

The next question is this:
Do you lose more shots off the tee or on the green?

The answer is almost always on the green. Followed by an admission that they try to ignore their short game performance. Why? Because their peers always mock them for their lack of power from the tee.

For me this is the exact reason for why we as golfers analyze our games so poorly. We are so caught up in what people think we forget what we are actually trying to do and that is improve our own games.

Once my client has accepted that maybe they have miss judged their games, we work on the aspect that they arrived with. This usually brings up a whole host of questions about their golf game.

After working on their full swing in order to improve their drives, the client almost asks, slightly embarrassed for 10 minutes on or around the chipping green. As we head to the green, the inevitable question arises; How far do you hit your driver?

I always respond in the same way……Oh about 260 yards straight down the middle. Again surprised by my admission the client will assume that I should hit the ball further, like the guys on tour.
Well occasionally I do, but we all have to remember that these guys dedicate their entire being to hitting monster drives. They have equipment tailored perfectly to meet their needs, something that we mere golfers do not have the luxury of.

On arrival to the chipping green, the client has a moment of clarity when he sees me chip the ball into the cup……….”now I see why you are a pro” they say, you made that look easy.

A proper analysis of your game will throw up more than you may bargain for. A good golf coach should be able to extract the truthful analysis out of you.

Until Next Time,

The Golf Swing Doctor


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