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1 Tip To Help You Save Par When You Miss The Green…

When you miss a green, how you putt has very little to do with whether you up and down it or not. It has more to do with how close you hit your short game shot to the hole as to whether or not you have a good chance to save par.

Let me explain…

If you hit a chip shot to 1 foot from the hole, how many times would you hole that putt out of 100 attempts. Virtually 100 from 100 right?

What about if you hit your chip shot to 7 feet.

How many times would you hole that putt out of 100 attempts?

Well, the pros (on average) would hole that 50% of the time. And that’s on near perfect greens!

See, here’s the thing…

The putts made stats are pretty much set in stone, like this:

  • 1 foot – 100%
  • 5 Feet – 75%
  • 10 Feet – 38%
  • 20 Feet – 14%
  • 30 Feet – 7%

Those make stats are for pros (the best putters on the planet) on perfect greens. The point is, you can work on improving your putting until your blue in the face, but until you get your short game shots closer to the hole CONSISTENTLY, then your scores are not going to change.

If you hit your chip and pitch shots on average 10 feet from the hole and then you improve in that area to average 5 feet from the hole, then you obviously will lower your scores.

Your putting would have stayed the same, it’s just that from 5 feet you have a lot more chance of holing the putts than you do from 10 feet.

And here’s a quick tip to help you hit your short game shots closer to hole. But before I give you the tip I need you to know that over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be focusing on helping you to hit your short game shots closer to the hole. That includes:

  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Bunker Shots
  • Distance Wedges

…and soon I’m going to let you know about a special I have arranged for you on a short game improvement program called: “1 Secret To A Great Short Game”.

So keep an eye out for that special and lots of tips and advice to help you hit the ball closer to the hole consistently with your short game shots. Ok, now here’s the tip to help you improve your short game shots proximity to the hole averages…

Imagine if there was a pot bunker that was 10 feet wide by 10 feet wide. And you were 40 feet away from the bunker with your golf ball. Do you think you could chip your ball into the pot bunker most times?

Most golfers could.

But get most golfers on the golf course 40 feet from the hole with a chip shot and the ball could go anywhere. Look, I’m all about making golf easier. So how about this?…

What if, the next time you play golf and you’re faced with a chip/pitch from just off the green, imagine that the hole is actually 10 feet by 10 feet. Here’s a picture to help you visualize this…


By doing this it will help you to play the shot with less tension. Excessive tension in the short game can be a killer.

I dare you to try this the next time you play and see if you don’t get the ball consistently closer to the hole.

And as you now know, the closer you consistently get the ball to the hole the lower your scores will become.

That tip was from Jeff Richmond of ConsistentGolf.com.  I hope you enjoyed it and I’m sure it will help you if you use it.

Have a great rest of the week and I’ll be in touch with more tips to help you improve your short game. Again, I’ll focus on this for the next couple of weeks to hopefully help you to shave some strokes off your scores.

Stay tuned!

Until Next Time,

The Golf Swing Doctor

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