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The Hardest Shot In Golf

The hardest shot in golf: A simple technique to make it easy.

There are many shots that can drive fear into even the most hardened of golfer, but there is one shot that nobody relishes, even the professionals.

It is a shot that thankfully the professional doesn’t face to often, but it is a shot that is faced regularly by the average golfer.

It is a shot that has been mentioned many times in magazines and books, in TV commentaries and TV, yet people still struggle to play it, they just can not seem too get it right.

I am going to offer a solution that may seem too good to be true, even too simple to work. But that is the beauty of it, that is why I am giving you the information and the idea to help you make what is seemingly a very difficult shot into a far easier, less stressful shot.

This is logical, and as many of you now know, I love to teach logic and simplicity into the game of golf.

The shot that I am talking about is the dreaded 40 to 60 yard bunker shot. A shot that can make you look a fool. You probably won’t feel too great after either. It is a golfer’s worst nightmare.

Now how can a simple, logically tip make the hardest shot in golf easy, well to put it simply, we are going to change the shot from a “pitch” out of a bunker to a greenside bunker shot. Now before you start thinking that you are not much good out of a greenside bunker either, I want you to read my article about bunker play.

Now we are going to adapt that technique. The set up and basic idea is exactly the same, we keep the clubface square (aimed at the target), we widen our stance and we aim at the line in the sand which is 1 ball behind the ball we want to get out.

I know you are wondering how this can possibly hit the ball 40 to 60 yards, well that is easy. We are going to do what we always do, the logical thing. Change our club. So I want you to follow the same set up procedure and technique as you would for a greenside bunker shot, but use a longer club, a PW or a 9 iron should be perfect. (Some may find they need an 8 iron, but that is ok).

Yes, you can use a PW or an iron out of a bunker, just as you would a SW. Why? Well because we are keeping the club face square. This means that the club will move through the sand in a similar way to the SW.

You will see 3 major differences when you use a longer club;

1 – The trajectory of the ball will be lower, just as it would be if you were to hit a 9 iron from the fairway

2 – The ball will not spin as much when it hits the green. But this only aids in getting the ball further up the green, which is what we are trying to achieve.

3 – The distance the ball will travel. Obviously, the longer the club you use the further the ball will go, this is logically and normal.

As with the greenside bunker shot, you want to keep the club face square to make sure the ball comes out of the bunker online. Commitment to the shot is also just as important, you have to make sure you get the club travelling through the sand in order for the ball to come out.

Now I must mention that you need to think a little before selecting your club. Club selection can not be base purely on the distance you have to go. You must also consider the height of the bunker lip in order to ensure that you can clear it comfortably with the club you choose.

Your main goal from a bunker is always to get the ball out and onto the putting surface in one shot.

So with this technique you can turn a difficult nerve jangling shot into a simple, relatively easy shot, just by using the clubs you have available to you

Until Next TIme,

The Golf Swing Doctor


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