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Teaching Your Spouse To Golf

Should you teach your wife or partner to play golf?

This is a question that I have been many times by people contemplating the idea.

Many husbands, especially when they retire, love the idea of getting their wives involve, spending days on the golf course together, enjoying their retirement. For me it is a lovely idea, although an idea fraught with problems.

Unless you are a golf coach the answer to the question has to be an absolute NO!

I do not recommend any one to teach some one to play  golf if they are not a qualified golf coach. The reasons are many but to put it simply the main reason is because of teaching bad habits to a newcomer.

Golf is a difficult sport to learn and clouding the process with bad habits and bad information that has been passed down through generations of golfers is not going to help anybody to learn the game.

What you should do if you are interested in getting your partner to play the game is be there to encourage them, support them.

I would suggest that you find a local golf course or driving range that offers ladies group lessons and book your partner into the group so that they will feel more comfortable and less anxious about the whole experience.

One of the main reasons that women play the game is because of the fantastic social life that they can gain from becoming a club member or even joining a weekly coaching group.

Remember that your partner may be embarrassed about learning golf, so you should look to avoid any extra pressures. They will already be worrying that they may not meet your expectations or the level that you would like them to.

Another way to get them into the sport is to take lessons together, this may hell relieve some of the pressure and nerves that your partner may have, as they will understand that golf is a continual learning and improvement process, and that to become good requires dedication and practice.

Taking the lessons together also has two massive advantages, you can help each other. You can have a quick check that you are each practicing the correct things and that no bad habits are creeping into the practice sessions. The second is that you will want to go and practice and you can make the practice more competitive and interesting by having “mini” competitions between you. Practicing in this manner can help you to improve quicker and gain more enjoyment from practice.

The final thing that you should consider when introducing your partner to golf is the equipment that they will use. I strongly suggest that you purchase some ladies clubs for them and preferably take them with you when you make the purchase. You want to make sure that, as with your clubs, they are comfortable with them, that they like them. As a general rule, ladies should never use a men’s club because they are heavier and longer and will create problems for them.

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