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Pet Peeves

Hello everyone, The second of my pet peeves is the golfer that is rude, inconsiderate and a nuisance to all that are on the golf course. He is the golfer that throws their clubs, berates the green keeper for the missed putt that cost him the club championship and the …

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Difficulty Of Golf

Well this article may well get your brain burning, but after reading a book that is considered to be one of the most important golf books ever written I have to get you to consider the possibility that actually golf is infinitely difficult because of the way the brain is …

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Dealing With Disappointment

As golfers of any level will have experienced, the game of golf doesn´t always go your way, regardless of how methodically and professionally you prepare for it One of the biggest obstacles that we face is how we can pick ourselves back up and try again. This of course, is …

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Course Management

I have spoken about course management on various occasions, with the main theme being how you deal and select shots, but i want to talk a little bit about how course management varies through the handicap levels. The strategy and the variation are quite remarkable, with the similarities between handicap …

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