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Pet Peeves

Hello everyone,

The second of my pet peeves is the golfer that is rude, inconsiderate and a nuisance to all that are on the golf course.

He is the golfer that throws their clubs, berates the green keeper for the missed putt that cost him the club championship and the guy that hates visitors to his golf club

This golfer is the golfer that has to have the latest equipment claiming that it will change his game. He is the golfer that talks a great game, but has a thousand excuses for why he blew up on the back 9.

This golfer is the golfer that without fail shouts and shouts about the terrible state of the golf course, yet fails to repair a single pitch mark.

I encountered a gentleman like this at a previous club of mine. Rude, obnoxious and full of himself. His character grated on me, it wound me up, made my blood boil. After all golf is a game of honesty, tradition and sportsmanship.

Then the fateful day came, I was paired up with him for the club scratch championship.

I was dreading it, because I am not known for my diplomacy or tolerance. But I was determined to maintain my dignity.

As we approached the first green he began: “I am amazed I got it this close considering the condition of the fairway” he said. “I have never seen a fairway with so many unrepaired divots”. I let the comment go in one and out the other, considering the fact that he himself had made three large divots, and not replaced a single one.

His comments and remarks about the golf course continued. They came to a head when, on the 12th hole, he found himself in the deepest bunker on the course. Calling me over to complain once again, I saw his ball resting in the large, deep footprint. Cursing the inability of players ahead to correctly rake the bunker, and the green staff for not having checked the bunker before his arrival, he proceeded to move the ball a few inches. A few minutes later, full of bad language and club throwing I lost it.

“All I can say, is it serves you right you hypercritical, self centered horrible man. All round the course you have failed to repair divots, rake bunkers, repair pitch marks and behave in a manner becoming of a golfer.” I bleated.

Aghast my playing partner responded with the most pathetic and down right ridiculous excuse for not doing any of the aforementioned. “No body else bothers, so why should I?”

My blood boiled, my heart raced and any respect for my fellow golfer evaporated in an instant.

I recall this story because it serves a purpose. That purpose is clear, help your green keeper. The green keeper of your local golf course, works extremely hard to maintain the golf course. To present the course in the best possible condition dependant on: climate, operating budget and man power at their disposal. Yet there seems to be an increasing amount of people that take this for granted, that treat the course with disrespect.

Yet all these people that fail to care for their course are the first to complain, the first to criticize and first to bemoan their luck when it comes back to bite them in the rear.

Green keepers get very little praise for their incredible work maintaining golf courses, and I believe it is our duty as golfers to maintain these conditions. To respect not only the green staff but our fellow competitors and colleagues.

So remember replace your divots, rake the bunkers and repair at least one pitch mark. At the end of the day you will also benefit from taking a small amount of time to realize these vital tasks, and keep intact the tradition and honesty of the game.

After all etiquette is at the heart of our great game.

Until Next Time,

The Golf Swing Doctor




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