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Judging The Distance You Hit The Ball

There is one major error that golfers all over the world are committing at this very moment.

It is a fail of epic proportions and is something that is without doubt damaging your game as we speak.

The error that is affecting almost every single golfer´s game is incorrectly judging the distance that you hit the ball.

Ok, this may seem like something we should know, something that we can judge more or less, I mean after all we have hit thousands of golf balls on the range, we have hit countless good shots on the golf course, but wait a second I want you to think back to your last round and answer one very simple question?

How many times did I come up short? (Of the hole and the green in general)

I bet you the answer was almost every single hole, especially if you are playing with a double figure handicap.

Now have you ever thought why this may be a regular occurrence, why it seems almost impossible to get the ball to the hole even though you “know” the distance that you hit your trusty 8 iron?

A lot of golfers put it down to the distance markers being badly positioned, a gust of wind or a soft bounce. To be honest I have heard so many excuses it is incredible when I think about it that there can be so many reasons for coming up short.

However, I have never heard a golfer tell me the real reason why they consistently come up short.

It seems as though they are unaware of the simplicity in the answer, and  am afraid to say that it is all down to you, it has nothing to do with the wind or the bounce, it is down to your preparation, you knowledge and your awareness of your own game.

You do not actually know how far you hit each club, you only have a rough idea based on a few shots that you have hit in the past and the average shot you hit with your favourite club.

I am not talking about the 150 yard 7 iron, I am talking about the distance the ball travels through the air, how far it travels before touching down.

This is the distance that you HAVE to focus on, this is the distance that will change the way you approach your game and ultimately will reduce your scores.

Look at it this way. You are faced with an approach shot to a par three green that is protected by water on all sides. It is 152 yards to clear the water and reach the putting green. What club do you take? Well I can almost guarantee you take your 7 iron, after all you hit it 150 yards give or take, so if you hit it solidly you will get on. Some of you may be a little bit more conservative and pull out your 6 iron just to be sure of getting on the green.

Have you ever considered the possibility that neither of these clubs would get you on the green, no matter how well you struck them?

This is because in reality your 7 iron will travel some 135 yards through the air and your 6 iron around the 150 yard mark.

Now think it about it carefully, if you hit your 7 iron 135 yards through the air, where will your ball touch down? Yep, you´ve got it in the water, resulting in you thinking that the yardage is wrong or a gust of wind stopped the ball reaching. The same is true of the six iron, it will in end up in the water.

So the club that you will actually need to take is your five iron or equivalent, that club will travel over 152 yards to land on the green and give you a chance at making a par or better.

Club selection is not about the total distance that you hit the ball, it is all about how far the ball travels through the air. This is the important distance and the distance that you have to know in order to manage your game on the golf course.

So get yourself out on the range and work out how far you hit each club through the air, you will notice the benefit immediately.

Until Next TIme,

The Golf Swing Doctor.


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