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Ok this is a bit different but I thought what the hell, I learnt a lot from these films so why shouldn´t you?

There have been many films written about golf, some more comedic than others, some based on the lives and careers of arguably some of the greatest and most enigmatic golfers to ever have walked the hallowed turf.

The films that I am going to recommend you watch all have a moral or a lesson which you can learn from them.

One of my favorite films is Happy Gilmore, and although he is a no hoper hockey player, he achieves his target in golf, winning enough money to get his grandmothers house back. Now although it is not filled with golfing history or golfing drama, it is a movie that shows what you are capable of if you want something enough.

Well worth a watch, even if it is just to make you feel better.

Film number two is “The Legend of Bagger Vance” starring Will Smith and Matt Damon. The lessons to be learnt from this film are many. Will Smith plays the part of a “caddy” and does so brilliantly.

If you watch this film and do not learn something from it, then you have not watched it properly. I do not want to ruin it by telling you everything about it. But please make sure you watch it.

Film three is “Follow the Sun” a biography of the legendary Ben Hogan. Not only is this historical it is touching and a insight into the life and struggles that one of the greatest golfers of all time faced and in the most part overcame with resounding success.

Film four is Tin Cup, starring Kevin Costner.

Tin Cup is a washed up driving range pro, who had dreams and the talent to make it big. After a client comes to see him, he is persuaded to try and qualify for the US Open which he does. The story follows his progression through the qualifying rounds and ultimately ends with his personal ghosts and struggles. For any golfer this is a tear jerker and an absolute must watch.

The final film that you have to watch is Seve. As any golfer knows, Severiano Ballesteros is one of the most enigmatic, controversial and determined golfers ever to have graced the world of golf. He was a renowned competitor and the film follows him through his life, with commentary from the great Seve himself and long time friend Jose Maria Olazabal.

I could not contain my emotions watching this film and felt every single emotion that was transmitted in the story. The historical content of the film is fantastic and accurate and truly has to be the best film I have seen. Any golfer that has heard of Seve, seen Seve play or want to learn a little more about a true legend has to watch this film.

Until Next Time,

The Golf Swing Doctor

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