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Getting A Grip!!

For years many golfers have played with the same clubs. They are reluctant to change them as they feel that they are playing well with them and they are comfortable with them, a bit like a good pair of old slippers. But could the condition of your golf clubs actually be holding you back?

This question is often posed by professionals and club builders to get you thinking about upgrading or refurbishing our golf clubs.

So, you see this question plastered over your local pro shop and it gets you thinking about your golf clubs and how maybe it is time for a change. You begin to question your clubs, the relationship you have with them, the cost of replacing them and placing them into the darkest corner of your garage or storage shed. Whilst all the time still remembering all the good times you have had with them, how good they look and feel.

My suggestion to you is this:

Get them re-gripped and possible get the grooves sharpened by a professional club builder.

Getting your clubs re-gripped can give them a new lease of life and is certainly cheaper than replacing them with a new model.

Now don´t think that getting them re-gripped is a simple choice, it isn´t and it shouldn´t be. You want to take your time choosing your grips, the thickness of the grips and even how you want them fitted.

Grip thickness can greatly affect how you hit the golf ball. Too thick and you may see your shots leaking to the right if the target (for right handers). This is because with thicker grips you reduce the amount of “rotation” with your hands, causing balls to leak to the right. A grip that is too thin could see your shots leaking to the left as your hands are working and rotating to quickly, closing the clubface as you work through impact.

How you get them fitted can also affect how you feel and hit the ball. Now, this can be down to the club fitter or professional fitting the grips incorrectly and by this I mean that they fit the grips out of line with a square club face.

This will make a difference to how you set the club up at address and ultimately the direction in which the ball will travel.

To avoid this happening, I suggest that those of you that use the grip to line the club face up should have the grip fitted “backwards” meaning that the manufacturers name is below the shaft so that you can not see it.

The most important aspect of changing a grip is to put a grip on that is comfortable and feels good in the hand. Get down to the local pro shop and pick them up, see how they feel, if you like them then get one fitted onto your favorite club to see whether they feel the same on the club as they did on the display stand. If it feels right then have it fitted to all of clubs.

Until Next Time,

The Golf Swing Doctor


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