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Get Fit Like A Glove

Working in the professionals shop at my club, I see things and get asked things that surprise even now.

In recent weeks one of the most common questions I and my colleagues have been asked has been;

“How do I know if my golf glove fits properly?”

The answer is very simple, but I first want to talk about choosing your golf glove correctly. Golf gloves come in various materials and the choice is important depending on what you want to get from your golf glove.

To put it simply you have two main materials; leather or synthetic.

For those that want durability and good all round performance in all weather conditions you should look towards the synthetic gloves, of which you can get specific “all weather” and even “rain” gloves.

The only problem for me is that these tend to lack in the softness and comfort areas, and although they are getting more advanced I cannot look past a leather glove.

A good leather glove feels soft against the skin and adds to the feeling of a golf shot. They mould perfectly to fit your hand, and feel like a second skin.

With a synthetic glove you do not get this marriage between glove and being, I never feel like we are one, which is why I have always spent that little bit extra and bought leather.

Admitted a leather glove for a beginner is not going to be worth the money as they will wear through them quicker than Usain Bolt. A golf glove is a great tool to tell you whether you are gripping too tightly, as you will have tell-tale holes and wear marks.

Once you have chosen the material that you want you have to choose the right size glove, as anything the wrong size will to an uncomfortable fit.

You need to look at the length of the fingers as well as the general fit, do not buy a glove unless it fits you perfectly everywhere.

When you are trying on gloves make sure that you push your fingers to the ends so that you have no material that could be folded over the tops of your fingers.

Ow for the most important part of correctly choosing a glove.

The size must be correct to leave the glove skin-tight.

To check the fit of your glove, put it on. Now turn your hand so your palm is facing up, stretch your hand out so that your glove sits tight to the skin.

Now to ensure the correct fit you need to try and pinch the material of the glove. If you can pinch and pull up the material then the glove is too large. You should not be able to take any of the material when you try and pinch it.

A good fitting glove is imperative to feeling good on the golf course.

Until Next Time,

The Golf Swing Doctor

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