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Distance Control – The Secret To Pitching

Many amateur golfers have an issue playing those half shots, the delicate shots from around 50 meters. They struggle with each aspect of the shot; distance control, shot choice, trajectory and club selection.

Players often struggle with one or all of the aspects noted above because they are unsure or lack confidence in how to correctly play the shot.

The pitch shot is actually quite a simple shot; it requires very little effort in terms of having to hit the ball with any force. And this is where the first mistake is generally committed. Many golfers think they have to create distance; they have to hit the ball hard, or make a long swing.

But when it comes to making the swing, subconsciously they “know” that the ball will go to far with such a forceful or long swing, so they commit the biggest and most disastrous error of all: THEY QUIT ON THE SHOT.

This results in thins and fats, to name a just a couple.

However do not despair; it is not as difficult as you think to become a consistent pitcher of the golfer ball.

There are a few things that you must consider before you are ready to knock it stiff from 50 meters.

1 – The club does the work
2 – Distance is controlled by two factors: swing length and club selection
3 – You can use all the clubs from a 7 iron up to a sand wedge to pitch with
4 – You only want to calculate the distance the ball travels through the air
5 – Ball position will change the trajectory of the shot

Each of these points relies on your complete belief in the technique you are about to learn. If you do not believe these aspects you will never grasp the concept of the pitch shot.

The Set Up

I recommend that you stand 10º open to the target line so that your hands can pass your bodies without any restriction.

For a simple pitch shot the ball should be positioned in the center of the body, now you must put the ball position in relation to the body as you are standing open to the target line.

The hands should be level with the ball, meaning that the shaft of the club will point up to your belt buckle. A position that I believe you should attain with all clubs.

The clubface should be aimed directly at your target. Do not alter the design of the club.

The swing:
I always suggest that you begin to learn the 9 o’clock position. I use this position as a visual aid for people to understand the position I would like them to achieve. The 9 o’clock position is when your target arm (left for right handers) reaches a point parallel to the ground and an “L” shape is created by the target arm and the shaft of the golf club.

The movement should be rhythmical and consistent; it should be gently accelerating into the impact position, but not aggressive.

Learn how far you hit the ball with this swing and different clubs. Once you are comfortable with this swing try to learn the 10 o’clock swing. All you are trying to achieve is to increase the number of shots you have in your armory.

Let me explain; If you use your 7, 8, 9 iron, pitching wedge and sand wedge and learn the 3 pitching positions 7.30 / 9 and 10.You will have 15 shot distances at your disposal.
The more you have available the easier it will be for your to get the balls closer to the hole.

Happy pitching!!!!

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The Golf Swing Doctor,

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